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About us

About Glitter Express

At Glitter Express we offer a full range of Glitters for the Arts and Crafts Industry.
Here at Glitter express we offer a range of over 100+ colours in 4 different substrates, with its usages ranging from Educational, Printing, Nail Arts, Cosmetics, Spray Paint, Gel Coats, Flocking and Craft kits.
We are confident we can offer high quality products at very competitive prices.

About Delivery

All purchases are to be shipped within 2-3 working days of receipt of orders and payment confirmed.
We have agreed prices with UK Mail for 1kg purchases and above. Smaller orders 2nd Class Royal Mail.

About our products

PVC - Educational, Arts and Crafts, Window Display, Table Decoration, Collage Kits, Theatre Scenery/Props, Polystyrene Letters and Shapes for display purposes or signage (indoor use), Masks and Party hats, Card Crafting, Table Decoration, Shoe Fabrics, Furniture Decoration, Face Paints and Collage.

Rigid PVC Phthalate free, metalized and coated. Conforms to EN71 Toy regs and the New Toy Safety directive 2009/48/EC. Supervision required when Children are less than 36 months.

Poly Flakes - Arts and Crafts, Nail Art, Spray Paint, Gel Coats Applications, Cosmetics, Screen Printing, Rotary Printing, Thermography, Flocking, Stamp Kits, Face Paints, Finger Paints, Egg Decoration, Garment Decoration, Flooring, Decorative Paints, Wall Paper, Greeting Cards, Hair/Body Gels, Aerosols, Glitter Glues, Crayons, Glass Printing, Floral Decorations, Ceramics, Grout, Lighting, Body Art (tattoos) and Imulsions.

Super bright PET film <2% haze, metalized with 121 anastrograms, coated with a water based polyurethane thermo set coating. Coloured with automotive grade pigments giving water and solvent and fade resistance.